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DOCUMENTAry filmmaker

Documentary Filmmaker

2007 - Now


With over 15 years experience in the documentary filmmaking industry, she has produced, written and directed numerous world-class documentaries for international broadcasters such as the National Geographic Channel, the Discovery Channel and the History Channel. 


She also runs her own production company specialising in crafting high quality documentaries for local, regional and international markets and has worked for many years as supervising producer for the Malaysian Film board’s (Finas) “Malaysia to the World” initiative.


Growing up in Australia, originating from European and Asian decent, Lina has a comprehensive understanding and rich experience of both cultures, giving her a unique perspective of our ever-changing world.

LT on location
Lina, KF & TY
LT & baby ape
Sifu Siow & Crew

Documentary Showreels

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A Leader's Legacy - Tun Razak
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A Leader's Legacy - Tun Razak

Smart Tunnel (Trailer)
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Smart Tunnel (Trailer)

Among The Great Apes with Michelle Yeoh (Trailer)
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Among The Great Apes with Michelle Yeoh (Trailer)

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